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WizLoco on 11 months ago
The GameServer KGB TS server is not around anymore. Send msg to one of the KGB Clan members in Steam to get current TS server.
ColdFusionKGB on 1 year ago
Does KGB teamspeak still exist?
WizLoco on 1 year ago
impcfast on 1 year ago
Blackridge on 1 year ago
I had logged in way back in the day impc, a few days after Corp asked. I promoted all of them to Warlord so they'd have full rights.
impcfast on 1 year ago
...and 4 months later, I'll reply. No one that I know of here is still playing it Corp. Who knows, maybe I'll reinstall, but I'm pretty busy with Overwatch and ESO.
CorporateNINJA on 2 years ago
hey guys. not sure whos playing Warframe anymore, but there is a new weapon in the infested research lab that requires 5k mutagen samples. i have personally donated over 500, but there are currently only 2 active members (myself and desperdain). if anyone feels like re installing and donating, let me know, well get it all set up. thanks yall.
blacklotusx on 2 years ago
I guess I better get on my horse then. Can someone send me the teamspeak info.
WizLoco on 2 years ago
yup, we got it and ready to play
blacklotusx on 2 years ago
Hey everyone! Is battlefield 1 on the agenda?
El_Phoenix on 2 years ago
Well its about damn time you showed back up to the foundation you helped build
Spitfire on 2 years ago
SUP... I am Awesome-er!!!
impcfast on 3 years ago
I am awesome. That's all you really need to know. banana
WizLoco on 3 years ago
impcfast on 3 years ago
You haven't missed anything.
thisismyswamp92 on 3 years ago
Hey guys Its been forever since I've been here lol
WizLoco on 3 years ago
mackrevis on 3 years ago
Thorn on 3 years ago
mackrevis on 3 years ago
thisismyswamp92 on 4 years ago
thisismyswamp92 on 4 years ago
Hey Bulldog I finally signed up in the website xD
Unhinged on 4 years ago
Boooyah! 81-nothingtoadd
Unhinged on 4 years ago
Mooch on 4 years ago
Thorn on 4 years ago
Bocephus on 4 years ago
mackrevis on 4 years ago
blacklotusx on 5 years ago
radda radda
WizLoco on 5 years ago
:gunjam 81-smile_ahhhrunforyourlife
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