• Hey Peeps,
    As a reminder, our server hosting fees are due again on the 14th of every month, which is tomorrow. We are very close to goal for this month so if you have not had a chance to put anything into the pot for this month please take a look and see if you can make a small contribution to help us get over the hump for the July-Aug period. For those of you who have already done so THANK YOU! For those who cannot, we understand so please do not feel pressured to do so, there will of course be other opportunities to do so as we continue our immersion into the game. Just remember that the last day of our billing cycle is the 14th of every month. All you have to do is click on the ARK link in the right hand column on the homepage and it will take you to clan pay. It is done through Pay-Pal but off hand there might be other options if you don't have a PayPal Account to help us out.

    Other Considerations :
    As most of you playing already know, the Devs are doing a super job at keeping this game up to date and constantly evolving. One of the major aspects of the game that some of us have been waiting on is the PvP Survival of the Fittest Mode which by all accounts on the forums apparently dropped today. I will confirm that and update this post to make sure. The main reason that I am putting this out there is that many of us have been chomping at the bit for some PvP action while some of us wait on the new BattleFront game to finally get here so we can get our PvP fix in huge amounts. Since that is still several months away we have the opportunity to add a new ARK server that will strictly be for Survival of the Fittest mode. The recent tournament had 35 Two Man Teams take part which of course equals 70 Players total which would mean that if we were to do something like that, it would come out to the same amount we are paying now. I spoke with Thorn briefly about this and he is interested but we want to see if we can maybe tweek the player/team match ups to something like 60 player, with each team allowing up to 3 per a team to make it easier to evolve faster. This is all speculation at this point but if it can be done I'd like to give it a shot and see what kind of response we get from the general Ark Gaming Community on our [KGB] hosted battle server.

    Soooooooo, how many of you would be up to playing this mode from time to time as a break from our current Ark Server? Please post a response, negative or positive. The way I see it is that we can all partake and not lose anything we currently have and play against one another along with the general community.

    I am willing to foot the bill for the first month on the Survival of the Fittest server so do not worry about kicking in until we see if its really worth it and if we can attract other players into the server and maybe into our Raptor Raiders server as spillover from the SOTF server.

    The nice thing about the SOFT game type is that you can change perimeters in the config to massively accelerate ranking up which of course means getting better weapons etc so that you can take on your enemies. You can accelerate taming of animals so that you can have a force other than the two or three man teams. (We still need to look into most of this, but from what I saw of the tournament, people were ranking up rather quickly. What we want to try and avoid is having the whole game play require HOURS of play to just be strong enough to attempt an attack. Hopefully there are options in the server configs to actually allow anyone to spawn at a predetermined rank, say 35 or even a little higher to expedite the ability to be LETHAL, and then require the additional ranking to be determined and sped up of course through actual actions.)

    Does this sound like a plan? Would you guys be interested? Let us know cause I would really like to give it a shot and get the server up and running as soon as possible as long as we can have the kind of control over the parameters that I have suggested/ mentioned above to make the game fast and fun! I'll look forward to your feedback in here and in channel.

  • I'm neutral on this idea. I like it, but have no idea what you are talking about at the same time. But your words are eloquent, so I kept reading anyway.

  • We are trying to shut down the other teamspeak server. If you are going to donate, only donate to the ARK server because I current teamspeak server is paid through that.

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